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This article was originally posted to the Chatham Courier web site on Wednesday, March 30, 2016 8:30 am

Philmont volunteer firefighters initiate challenge for Sean’s Run

CHATHAM — Philmont volunteer firefighters will be responding to Chatham on April 24 — not for an emergency call that day, but to participate in the Sean’s Run 5K.

They have put out a challenge to other volunteer firefighters to see which fire company in the county will get five members to cross the finish line of the 3.1 course first.

The Philmont firefighters believe their challenge is a great way for all companies to encourage physical fitness in the volunteer fire service. The men and women of Company 47 are challenging other volunteer firefighters in the county to join them in this friendly fitness competition.

Philmont Fire

Larry Ostrander, a director of the Columbia County Volunteer Firefighter’s Association and member of Philmont, is the organizer of the Philmont team and has visited other companies encouraging them to get involved. The Chatham Fire Department and the Mellenville Fire Company have already accepted the challenge.

Firefighters can register individually at On the day of the event, they will sign in at the special firefighters challenge table to designate the members of their company that will be walking or running in the 5K. The challenge requires that firefighters run/walk the 3.1 miles in their protective bunker pants.

For more information about the challenge, contact Jeff French, Sean’s Run general chairman, at 518-672-4757 or





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