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Keeping Sean’s Run alive and thriving
This article was originally posted in the Chatham Courier
Wednesday, April 15, 2015 10:00 am

There isn’t too much we need to say about Sean’s Run Weekend. The event pretty much sells itself. However, we’d like to commend the organizers, volunteers, sponsors and participants for keeping this event alive and thriving.

The event hasn’t really added or changed anything this year. Saturday will once again bring us Sean’s Ride — a 50-, 20- or 10-mile bike ride (now in its third year) — a Zumbathon (fourth year) and the Super Saturday Run for Special Needs Kids (sixth year); 2010 was also when it became a “weekend.”

Sunday has the World Championship Battle of the Belts — introduced in 2006 and now an anticipated event at schools and youth organizations region-wide leading up to the big day — as well as Meghan’s Mile and the pièce de résistance, the 5K.

As we mentioned in an article a few weeks ago, there are seven new sponsors, bringing the total this year to 55. And as Andrea Gable, owner and broker of Gabel’s Real Estate, one of the new sponsors, said about the event, “It has a huge impact on the community.” We know this sentiment is shared among all the sponsors.

It is also shared among all the volunteers, from set up to take down and everything in between. (See our front page story today on the volunteer firefighters.)

The sentiment resonates with the participants. Each year, Sean’s Run has a story to share. This year, with help from Mark French, we’ve shared the story of former Chatham High School cheerleaders who use Sean’s Run to reunite as well as a motivational tool to stay healthy (last week). Next week, we’ll feature a story on Tracy Kelly, school social worker and member of the Sean’s Run Organizing Committee.

This year, the weekend is being dedicated to Max Kelly, who died in a car accident on Dec. 31, 2012. Max was a passenger, the driver had been drinking. His story is similar to that of Sean French’s and the very reason why this weekend is so important.

Yes, Sean’s Run Weekend is fun and invigorating. It brings people from near and far, young and old, newcomers and those who come back year after year, even from year one. But there is still an important message organizers want everyone to get out of this weekend: Don’t drink and drive and wear your seat belt!

Organizers are gearing up for the 15th year in 2016 — we can hardly wait — but this year’s event is right around the corner. There’s still time to register (even early birds still), so go to









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