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6 Tips to Truly Enjoy Sean’s Run Weekend 2015—from Start to End
by Allie Cooper

The Sean’s Run organizing committee, with the generous backing of Our Sponsors, has been working extra hard to ensure your experience at the 14th Sean’s Run will be a memorable one. Perhaps registering has provided the motivation you needed to get back into working out after that seemingly endless winter we just endured. Or maybe you are coming because you know that Sean’s Run is a well-organized, festive event with great refreshments and amenities and you are looking for a good time with friends or family. Maybe you were also moved to register because you support our important cause—to raise funds to provide youth and student organizations in battling the widespread problem of underage drinking, reducing impaired drivers, and encouraging the use of seatbelts.

Whatever your reason for coming out and joining us, we truly appreciate your support and look forward to greeting you this weekend.

To help you get ready, here are some tips to make your experience the best ever!

1. Arrive Early
Give yourself enough time to park, check-in, and pick up your t-shirt and other amenities so that you are not rushing at the last minute to get to the start of your bike ride, run or the Zumbathon. Here’s a link to the registration schedule.

2. Run, Bike or Zumba with Friends
It’s no secret that the best way to enjoy physical activities is by doing it with your friends. Various studies have shown that training with a friend can actually be very beneficial to your health and mindset. If you are looking for a PR, runners and bicyclists become more motivated when running/cycling with another person, as they become focused on going faster when they are with someone else. So, bring a friend and have them sign up at the last chance registration this weekend. Here’s a link to the last chance registration schedule.

3. Play Music While Running – But not Biking!
A lthough some prizes are up for grabs in the 5K and Mile—and we expect some very fast runners—Sean’s Run is not just about the winners’ medals. It is also a fun event, so do your part to make the race the most enjoyable as possible. We will have music at the start/finish and at a couple of locations on the course, but in your warm ups and during the race, we recommend that you bring your own playlist to accompany you. Tip: Create a music playlist before the big day. Here’s some tracks compiled by Runners World Magazine:

4. Track Your Effort via a Mobile Device
With the abundance of health applications and wearables, you can track your health in real-time while running, biking or Zumbaing. Smartphones are now equipped with their own health applications and sensors. Newer devices come with built-in health features, such as the iPhone 6 with the Apple’s Health app. Based on O2, the smartphone alone comes with its own speed and distance tracker, as well as a new barometer and elevation meter.

5. Showcase Your Hard Work
Take pride in completing the bike rides, 5K or Zumbathon and show your friends your accomplishment by posting your photos and your video at the #seansrun Instragram site and the Sean’s Run Facebook page. If you won a medal, definitely post that! Show your Bib#, that well-earned Sean’s Run t-shirt, a photo of the results with your name – this is your time to show off! Link to our Facebook page and to #seansrun at our Instragram page.

6. Enjoy the Food
After your run, ride or Zumba comes the rewarding part—refreshments! Take advantage of what we have prepared for you! Each day of the weekend offers a different spread of delicious refreshments. Bicyclists and Zumba participants on Saturday will enjoy sub sandwiches, seafood chowder, chocolate milk, home-made brownies and fruit. On Sunday, runners will enjoy ice cream, yogurt, chocolate milk, bagels and fruit. If you have other ideas to make Sean’s Run more enjoyable, please post them at the Sean’s Run Facebook page. See you in a couple!








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