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Hundreds run for Sean in Chatham
Posted: Mon Apr 28, 2014.
By Joe Gentile Columbia-Greene Media

Sean Patrick French went the distance and became an accomplished runner, Chatham High School’s best. But the late athlete’s legacy did not stop there. On Sunday, nearly 775 racers ran 5 kilometers for him.

Seventeen-year-old French died on New Year's Day 2002 while a passenger in a single-car, drunken-driving accident.

In total, the 13th annual 5K Sean’s Run and Meghan’s Mile, dedicated to late Sean’s Run volunteer Meghan Kraham, had 1,250 registered participants, with 174 registered Sean’s Rides cyclists, 46 Zumbathon dancers, and nine racers in the Sean’s Run for Special Needs Kids on Saturday as part of Sean's Run Weekend.

Tim Caramore, of Missoula, Montana, clinched the overall title Sunday by completing the 3.1-mile course in 15 minutes and 55 seconds. Behind him, Rensselaer resident Brina Seguine cruised to her third victory at Sean’s Run as the first woman across the Chatham High School parking lot finish line in 20 minutes 10 seconds.

“I was happy with the time,” Caramore said. “I wanted to get under 16 [minutes].”

Winning “was kind of an added bonus,” he said.

Caramore, the first Montana resident to finish Sean’s Run, spent a portion of his childhood in Chatham before he moved to East Greenbush. He said he met French a couple times in high school, competing in cross-country meets.

“He probably beat me,” Caramore said.

Before Sean's Run start, racers remembered 14-year-old Kari Michelle Liedel, a Ballston Spa resident killed instantly by a drunken driver two years ago while walking alongside a road near her home. Event organizers had dedicated this year's efforts in her memory. The Liedel family said they intend to be a part of Sean’s Run Weekend for a long time into the future.

Eleven-year-old Casey Sitzer, of Ghent, conquered Meghan’s Mile in 6 minutes 33 seconds to finish first place overall, followed by Katie Everett, 10, of Old Chatham, as Sunday’s first girl across the finish line in 7 minutes and 15 seconds. Clusters of community members trailed behind the youth race as part of a 1-mile Walk.







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