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Professional Mountain Bike Stunt Rider
Coming to Sean’s Run Weekend 2014

Mike Steidley, a National Champion, professional trial, freeride and stunt rider is going to perform on Saturday, April 26th, 12:15  to 12:45 PM during Sean’s Run Weekend at Chatham High School.  Everyone is welcomed to come and watch his incredible, jaw-dropping performance.

His appearance at Sean’s Run is sponsored by Sportique Brands, the exclusive distributor of Sportique all natural athletic and multisport endurance and skin care products.  Information about Sportique products that are created to help athletes perform better and recover faster can be found at

Having performed around the globe, on ESPN and in front of audiences of 20,000, Mike Steidley is recognized as one of the most accomplished and prolific Stunt Riders in North America. Steidley's accolades include multiple Trials National Championships, representing the USA in 7 World Championships, a wide array of T.V. appearances and performing his Mountain Bike Stunt Show in 23 different countries to showcase his captivating skills to thousands.   And now he is coming to Chatham, NY.

Before or following his performance, spectators are invited to visit the Sportique Brands exhibit tent which will be set up at Chatham High School from 11 AM to 2 PM.

Here is a video of Mike in action






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