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Sean’s Run 2014 Scholarship Winners Announced

March 2, 2014: Six high school seniors from across the region have been selected as recipients of 2014 Sean Patrick French Memorial Scholarships. The scholarship fund, administered by the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, was established from a portion of the proceeds raised during the inaugural Sean’s Run in 2002.  The Fund continues to be maintained by donations from the family and friends of Sean French as well as the annual Sean’s Run.

In the past twelve years 92 deserving seniors have been awarded scholarships in three categories from the fund. A five-person selection panel convened by the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation reviews the applications and determines the recipients.

The Community Service Scholarships Winners
Rewarding: Chatham HS seniors who exhibit respect for all, community service and outstanding sportsmanship

  • Haven Sheehan-Hutchinson, Chatham HS.  He can find the “cool” in everyone and choses to leave no one left out.  He serves on the Sean’s Run Organizing Committee and stated in his application, “Sportsmanship is almost more important than the sport you are playing, without it there would be no fun, no satisfying victory, and in the end it wouldn't be worth playing the sport.”
  • Annabelle Hinkle, Chatham HS.  She started an anti-bullying campaign and organized a suicide prevention program at CHS, she volunteers for numerous community organizations including Sean’s Run.   With the same enthusiasm of a spectator at an Olympic championship race, she exuberantly cheers on and encourages every finisher at her high school T&F meets.

The Good Sport Scholarships Winners
Rewarding: Section II elite-level cross country runners who demonstrate outstanding sportsmanship

  • Jordon Thomas Johnson, Colonie High School.  He is a 5-season varsity cross country runner and a Suburban Council All Star who has competed at the State and Federation meets.  He gives credit to his brother who was always pushing him on the course.  He passed on an opportunity to likely qualify to compete at the State meet as an individual in the Steeple Chase last spring to instead give his all as a member of Colonie’s 4X800 relay team. 
  • Jenna Robinson, Guilderland HS.   She ran varsity Cross-Country for 5 seasons, was team captain, went to the State Championship and to the Federation Championship multiple times and is a 4-time Suburban Council All Star. She wrote in her application, “Having good sportsmanship isn't about summoning up your courage and stifling your anger at the end of the race; when you say good job to the person that finished ahead of you. It's about summoning up your benevolence and taking the time to appreciate the runners that finish behind you. People appreciate and respect the elites who are naturally gifted. Let’s also give credit to the athletes who were not born with natural running talent, who are also working hard and beating times, without notice."

The “Love of Running” Scholarships Winners
Rewarding: Runners from Columbia County who demonstrate a love of running

  • Devyn Fernandez, Ichabod Crane HS.  He is a 5-season varsity runner in XC and T&F and was Captain of XC in his junior and senior years.  In 8th grade, having earned one of 7 berths on his school’s sectional competition team, he gave up his slot to an upperclassman that desperately wanted to run, but was not in the top 7 runners on the team.   In his junior year he battled mononucleosis the entire season, but never gave up because he was Captain and wanted to be an example of hard work and dedication for his teammates.
  • Louisa Dodds, Taconic Hills HS.  She is a four-season varsity cross country and track & field runner and Patron Conference All Star. She holds the school record in the Steeple Chase and has won her age group at Sean’s Run.  Impressively she became an accomplished runner, even though for three years she was the sole girl on her high school cross country team.  Her workouts with the boys made her stronger and more determined to stick with it and her positive personality, reputation and running successes became a role model for the younger girls who are now joining the team.





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