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First Niagara named Presenting Sponsor of Sean’s Run 2013
Chatham, October 1, 2012:

First Niagara Bank has signed on to continue its designation as “Presenting Sponsor” of Sean’s Run Weekend for 2013.  Next April marks the 12th annual edition of the event, scheduled for April 27 and 28, 2013, in Chatham.  Sean’s Run, with First Niagara Bank’s support, has grown to become one of the largest multi-sport events in the region, attracting 1,375 registrants last year from all over the region.

With new plans to add the Sean’s Run Fun Group Bike Rides, another component of the line up of weekend activities, the event has become much more than a well-produced community run/walk.  While the flagship activity will continue to be the 5K and Meghan’s Mile, Sean’s Run is now a full-fledged weekend event consisting of a number of activities.

First Niagara - Presenting Sponsor

From left to right:
Mark French, Secretary, Sean’s Run Organizing Committee
Betsy Braley, Chatham Branch Manager, First Niagara Bank
Gina Lombardo, First Vice President, First Niagara Bank
Joanne Doyle, First Niagara Bank employee and Co-Treasurer, Sean’s Run
Heather Tompkins, Chatham Branch Assistant Manager, First Niagara Bank
Tammi Menegio, Co-Treasurer, Sean’s Run

Gina Lombardo, First Vice President/ Area Manager, while announcing the bank’s sponsorship and presenting a $5,000 check to the committee stated, “First Niagara Bank is proud to be a sponsor of Sean’s Run 2013 and we are proud of our commitment and dedication to our customers, our employees and our local communities.”

The Sean’s Run Organizing Committee has also announced that the Register Star and Chatham Courier have again been designated as the 2013 Sean’s Run Media Sponsor. 

In addition to becoming a classic athletic event in the capital area, Sean’s Run is the region’s perennial spring-time reminder about the pervasive problems of underage drinking, impaired driving and lax use of seatbelts by teenagers. 

Jeff French, General Chairman of the Sean’s Run Organizing Committee noted, “First Niagara Bank is directly responsible for helping us grow the scale, scope and impact of the event.   The bank has made it possible for our committee and volunteers to produce a fun community event that serves as the catalyst for parents and the community to talk with teenagers about making good choices when it comes to driving and alcohol consumption.”

For eight years First Niagara Bank has been the prime sponsor of the event which includes a 5K, Meghan’s Mile, a Special Needs Kids Race just for children with developmental disabilities, a Zumbathon®, fun group bike rides, a tribute to victims of drunk driving, a prevention education expo and the World Championship Battle of the Belts, a contest to encourage increased use of seatbelts by teenagers. 

In the past ten years $160,950 has been awarded by the Organizing Committee from event proceeds to support scholarships and activities produced by youth groups and schools designed to encourage teens to make safe choices about drinking, driving and use of seatbelts.

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