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Sean’s Run Dedicated to Meghan Kraham

September 24, 2007 — In 2002, when she was 16 and a sophomore at Chatham High School, Meghan Kraham was instrumental in encouraging a group of her peers and local adults to establish a fund-raising community run and walk to commemorate her friend and schoolmate, Sean French, who had recently perished in an automobile car crash.

After serving for five years as a key member of the Organizing Committee for Sean’s Run Presented by First Niagara, Meghan’s life was cut short last month at age 21, a victim of a rare and aggressive cancer that she battled bravely for six months.

Her creativity, leadership and dedication in planning and producing the event that memorializes her friend Sean will be recognized by her fellow committee members as they dedicate the 7th Annual Sean’s Run next April to Meghan.

“Meghan was inspirational. She helped to come up with the idea for the event, she helped organize her peers to support Sean’s Run, and she was a valued committee member,” reports Jeff French, general chairman. “A couple of years when the sky was overcast or when it rained on the day of the event, it was Meghan’s smile and enthusiasm that brightened the day for all us.”

Meghan appeared in two video productions about Sean’s Run. In the dramatic educational video entitled “Confronting Drunk Driving,” she talks passionately about the personal impact of losing a friend who was killed as a passenger in an underage drunk-driving car wreck. The video is distributed to schools across the USA by Human Relations Media.

In another video, “Sean’s Run, Feel the Spirit,” which was distributed by the Sean’s Run committee to all schools in the capital district, she encourages high school students to steer away from underage drinking and impaired driving.

In addition to already making a contribution to the scholarship fund established in Meghan’s name, the Organizing Committee has plans for a special fund raiser in support of the scholarship. “This is our simple way to memorialize a beautiful young woman whose spirit and energy helped make Sean’s Run a special event. We know, too, there are other groups, including the high school teams at Chatham where Meghan’s brother Zach is a star football and baseball player, that are doing things to remember Meghan,” said French. “She had an impact on so many people,”

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