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Students from Berlin MS/HS SADD Chapter are preparing to compete in the World Championship Battle of the Belts on April 27 in Chatham.

March 3, 2008 – Eastwick Press, Berlin, NY - The Competition raises awareness of seat belt statistics and use. Pictured below are students buckling into the "practice" car in SADD Advisor Mrs. Mosher's Home and Career Skills Class. Preliminary competitions will be held in the middle school the first week of March and in the high school the following week. Students will compete in a relay type race running from seat to seat in a real car and buckling themselves in. The High School and Middle School teams with the fastest times will represent Berlin Central. Sean's Run presented by First Niagara, will host the World Championship. Berlin students are expected to participate in the Run/Walk as well. Funding for the preliminary competition was recently received from Sean's Run and First Niagara. For more information contact Leah Ross or Dianne Mosher at Berlin High School or click here.

Left: Taylor Brock, Samantha Spaniol, Christina Vogt & Jacob Mills in their “practice car”

Right: Berlin students Brenna Meyers, Ashley Moon, Tara Girard & Tessa Ranellucci in the “practice car”




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