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Jeff French's Thank You Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Over 800 entrants, plus hundreds more including volunteers, sponsors, donors, spectators, exhibitors, police officers and victims of drunk driving, experienced the special spirit of Sean’s Run Presented by First Niagara Bank, Sunday April 29, at Chatham High School. They ran, walked, helped, learned about programs to keep kids away from underage drinking, competed in a seatbelt buckling contest, and remembered those who have been impacted by drunk drivers. And based on their smiles, they had a good time.

They were smiling not only because of the fun atmosphere of Sean’s Run, they smiled because they were accomplishing something very important – to send a message to steer teenagers away from underage drinking and impaired driving.

Because national studies report that one out of five 8th graders, more than one in three 10th graders and two thirds of all high school seniors are drinkers. Because car crashes are the number one killer of teenagers, and nearly a third of those killed had been drinking.

Thanks to the generous support of many sponsors, like First Niagara Bank and to the 35 employees from the bank who joined our pool of volunteers that day, Sean’s Run was a huge success. We gave away the proceeds, $10,600, as grants to 9 schools from around the capital region to implement year-round anti-drunk driving programs and as scholarships to ten deserving seniors from the region.

To all who had a part in Sean’s Run, our deepest thanks.

Jeff French
General Chairman,




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